Look over these considerations before you request a storefront.

Considerations Before You Begin:

The CU Online Store cannot collect donations or be used for fundraising events.

Templates and default images will be available to help you design your StoreFront and product images.  University of Colorado branding standards must be followed.  The Treasurer’s Office will assist with image sizing and customization.

Products, pricing, and required customer information fields should be determined early in the process.

Campus Approval for your StoreFront is required; make sure you review the Process page so you know who the approver is for your department.

Processing Fees:

The 4 card brands charge an interchange fee for the acceptance of card-based transactions.  The fee varies on a transaction basis: corporate cards and miles cards or reward cards charge a higher rate than debit card transactions.  At CU, fees are an average based on sales for the previous month and are about 2.5% to 3%, which is charged to your ST around the second week of the month.  An additional fee of .35% is charged by Touchnet for processing the transaction and for maintaining compliance.  This amount will be included in the JE charged to the departmental ST mid-month.

There will be a one-time fee to create a StoreFront and an annual fee charged in June to retain the StoreFront for the following fiscal year.

Online Store Fees:

The implementation fee for the creation of a one-category StoreFront is $400.  Implementation of a one-category StoreFront includes up to 15 products.  If your department requires additional categories, there will be a $200 charge per category. Please contact onlinestore@cu.edu to discuss product quantities above 15 items and the need for additional categories.  At the end of each fiscal year, each department will be charged a $200 maintenance fee to continue the use of the StoreFront for another year, regardless of when your StoreFront was implemented.

As soon as the Treasurer’s Office receives the approved request, it will take a minimum of 2 weeks, possibly longer, for you to send the link to your customers and start accepting payments. If you have a product update request once your storefront is established, please allow up to one week for edits to be made. We will always try to complete the updates as soon as possible, but there may be a delay depending on the amount of requests in our queue.

Request A Storefront Form