Touchnet Information Systems, Inc. is a leader for card processing in higher education

The site is American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible and approved

StoreFronts are created, managed, customized and supported to suit your needs by the Office of the Treasurer.

Departmental information technology resources won’t be required to build your payment site

Robust reporting to see transaction data in real-time is exportable to excel

Touchnet Reporting separates shipping and tax totals

Ability to create events and training which are free to your customers

PeopleSoft speedtype and account code integration

Refunds will post as a credit to revenue for easier account reconciliation

Confirmation of receipt e-mail directly to the customer

Promotional codes can be offered to your customers at check out

The ability for the department to manage inventory and event registration totals

Robust Touchnet training classes and resources are available

Mobile Device and Web-Responsive Friendly

International charge cards are accepted for purchases in the Online Store

Your StoreFront items can fall under the following categories:

Event – To sell tickets or take registrations i.e., conference, training, summer camp
General Payment – To collect a deposit, pay an invoice, pay monthly childcare cost, fees