What type of product or services are allowed to be sold?

CU Online Store may be used to sell a variety of products, services, or fees such as:

Event Tickets
Transcript Fees
Workshops Fees
Applications Fees/Deposits
Conference Fees

The CU Online Store will allow products to be sold as soon as the tax remittance question can be resolved.

How long does it take for the StoreFront to be created?

It depends, but it will usually take between 2 to 3 weeks, depending on departmental decisions and return of the required forms. If there is a high demand for StoreFronts in a given week, it may take longer.

Can I process a payment on behalf of a customer?

No, all payments must be submitted and paid through the payment portal by the customer. Credit card payments cannot be accepted via phone, email, or other communication by a CU employee for a customer.

Is the customer’s card immediately charged?

Credit cards are authorized when the order is placed and charged immediately unless the order is to be fulfilled at a later date, i.e. the date goods are shipped.

How will the revenue get into my account? 

Transactions that have occurred in your StoreFront will be processed and batch deposited to the SpeedType and account code that you specified on your CU application form. The revenue should post the following business day after the transactions have settled.

How do I process a payment refund?

Please contact Onlinestore@cu.edu about refunding a customer's transaction.

What are the responsibilities of my department after the StoreFront is created?

Your department will be responsible for reconciling the account, running reports, and making sure all transactions post to your general ledger account. If you are selling goods, you must check and update inventory, package and ship products. If you have limited seating for a training or event, you must track availability.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

When you log into the Touchnet Portal, your user name and password can be reset by clicking the "Forgot password" link on the “TouchNet login page” or by contacting us via email at onlinestore@cu.edu.

Must the departments offer a promotion code?

The promotion codes can be offered or not offered based on departmental preferences.

Can I use a company purchasing card to pay for conference registration for myself from my work computer?

Paying for your own registration is allowed, but departments cannot make a payment on behalf of a customer.

Can sales tax be differentiated for customers that are nonprofit vs profit?

Touchnet does not have the ability to authenticate that a group is nonprofit vs forprofit so it will be up to the department to confirm if the tax-exempt status is valid.  Generally, two products can be created and labeled appropriately as “Sales tax assessed” vs “No sales tax” assessed.

Is the sales tax required for each StoreFront?

Sales tax is required for products, but not service, fees, or payments. 

What if an international credit card is not accepted?

The Address Verification Service won’t process the transaction if the billing address/zip code and CVV code don’t match the card on file. Ask the customer to contact their bank. 

Can a StoreFront be created for sponsors who want to pay with a credit card?

Yes, the payment field can be populated with an amount or can be an open field for sponsors to add a specific amount.

Must departments absorb the fees? 

Credit card fees cannot be passed on to the customer but the department should charge enough for a product or service to help offset the fees.

Where will departments be able to check transactions and run a report?

Reports will be available in the Touchnet community portal, based on roles assigned by the StoreFront manager.

Who should I contact if I want more information about the CU Online Store?


If an e-mail is sent to Onlinestore@cu.edu, who will receive it and respond?

The Treasurer’s Office Online Store team.