Professional Licensure


Are you interested in a program that requires a professional license in your state?


Some professions (e.g. doctors, lawyers, accountants, geologists, nurses, etc.) require that you obtain licensure or certification beyond your degree in order to hold a position in that field.  Professional Licensure regulations and requirements vary from field to field, and from state to state.  Each state and U.S. territory has an authority, be it public or private, that is responsible for overseeing the licensure requirements of the various professions in that state.

For students considering in enrolling in a program that leads to professional licensure, the University of Colorado strongly recommends you to contact the appropriate University and department or program on the campus you wish to enroll to determine the educational requirements and whether or not the education provided at the University of Colorado campus will allow you to sit for the applicable licensing exam.  Each University of Colorado campus will have a list of professional licensure programs offered and the states/territories where, upon completion of your degree,  you would be eligible for the licensure exam.

Additionally, you should also contact the applicable licensing board to determine any other requirements you may need to fulfill in order to obtain licensure in a particular state.  Some licensing boards may require you to take additional post-graduation examinations, acquire additional experience, pay application and/or licensing fees, undergo criminal background checks, submit fingerprints, or provide other information prior to obtaining licensure.  

If questions remain after reviewing the information provided by the respective state agency, contact the program at the University in which you wish to enroll where faculty & staff will do our best to connect you with the information you need.  While we can provide initial guidance -  including whether or not the education you receive at one of the University of Colorado campuses will prepare you for the applicable licensing exam -  it is ultimately your responsibility to check with the state licensing board where you intend to seek licensure and practice to confirm alllicensing requirements; make sure  you understand and consider the implications of the additional requirements prior to enrolling in a program intended to lead to professional licensure.

Relocating will also likely impact your eligibility for licensure and requirements for reciprocity. The University of Colorado encourages you to inquire with the appropriate licensing board in your state (or the state where you intend to practice) in order to ask any questions regarding licensure and to confirm that you understand the requirements for licensure or reciprocity. 



If you have any questions, please contact the program or your academic advisor on the University of Colorado campus where you wish to enroll, or are currently a student. Should you need further assistance or are unsure where to direct your questions, you can also contact the Associate Director for State Authorization, Office of Academic Affairs, Erika Swain at