Thank you for visiting the website which previously housed the Faculty Handbook, a digital publication managed by the CU System Office of Academic Affairs. With recent revisions to Regent Laws, Regent Policies and Administrative Policy Statements, and in the interest of efficiency, the Faculty Handbook publication has been phased out. Effective Summer 2021, the content of the handbook is now accessible in other parts of the CU System website. Please visit the sites below for information previously contained in the Faculty Handbook.

For System-level faculty-related policies please visit:

  • Regent Laws and Regent Policies – see Article 5 and Policy 5 for Faculty-specific laws and policies. In addition, there are other laws and policies that apply to employees broadly, including Faculty (e.g., compensation policy, leave policy, etc.). The Laws and Policies are approved at the level of the CU Board of Regents.

  • Administrative Policy Statements (APSs) – searchable on the Office of Policy and Efficiency website. APSs often correspond to Regent Laws and Policies, but with more detail. They are approved by the CU President.

Questions related to System-level policies, generally, may be directed to

Questions related to System-level academic policies, may be directed to

Click here for easy access to sources for all university-related laws, policies and procedures.

Note that campus, colleges, schools, departments, and other academic units may also have policies and procedures which should be consulted as the need arises. Policies and procedures specific to the campuses may be found here:

The Faculty Council Faculty Guide is a new digital compilation of resources and commonly useful materials of interest to all faculty members at CU. The Guide emerged from the Faculty Council Communication Committee’s 2018 communication survey, which highlighted the need for a central repository of general information relevant to CU Faculty. This site is maintained by the Faculty Council Administrator and is regularly updated. Please contact for any questions related to the Faculty Guide.

Comments and questions regarding the archive of the Faculty Handbook may be directed to:

Phone: 303-860-5600
Write: System Office of Academic Affairs, 1800 Grant Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80203