Guidance for Artificial Intelligence Tools Use

Guidance for Artificial Intelligence Tools Use

There are a great number of uses for technologies that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and recent developments in “generative AI” — tools that create content like text and images — have generated excitement about new possibilities.

When using any tools, University of Colorado employees are each responsible for understanding how to use the tool effectively, safely, and within existing policies and laws. The goal of the following sections is to educate users of AI tools about key considerations in effective and safe usage. 

How do I get started with AI?
How do AI tools fit into existing CU policies and procedures?
What considerations should I have about information put into an AI tool?
What considerations should I have about the output from an AI tool?
Examples of situations where generative AI tools might be used at CU
Generative AI tools available to employees at CU System Administration
Further reading

Getting started with AI

If you are interested in the possibility of adding an AI tool to your toolbox, walk through these steps to get started:

  • Create a list of your goals and requirements
    • Stay focused on the business/functional outcomes and not the tool or path to get there. For example, say “I want my customers to be able to easily find answers to common questions” rather than “I want to use an AI tool to answer customer questions.”
    • Markdown which outcomes are absolute requirements and which might be optional
  • Document what data or information will be used in the process. This will help ensure you have the necessary approval and understand the data sensitivity.
  • Review this guidance document for AI considerations to build into your work.
  • Be open to both AI-based and non-AI solutions. While emerging technologies provide new opportunities, existing options may still be the best fit.
  • Contact UIS for guidance on which options might best fit your needs.
    • Send an email to asking UIS for AI solution design assistance.


Last updated: 02/27/2024

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