UCCS is opening it's first-ever-on-campus baseball stadium, Mountain Lion Park.
800 guests celebrated the Feb.3 opening of the new UCCS Ent Center for the Arts.
UCCS business dean Stephen Ferris envisions mass potential in his new position.
CU Boulder students get a chnace to work with the Department of Defense to provide unique, new solutions to current national security problems.
CU Boulder law professor Melissa Hart was chosen to fill open seat on Colorado Supreme Court.
CU Boulder professor Jim White and Bill Nye travel to Greenland to address climate change in new documentary.
CU Boulder LASP team chosen to build a tiny satellite to study atmospheres of distant gaseous planets.
CU Boulder scientists will use the solar event to unravel mysteries of the sun's atmosphere.
UCCS is beginning its north campus expansion with new baseball and track facilities.
CU Boulder is one of the top 50 colleges nationwide recognized as an LGBTQ-inclusive campus.