The University of Colorado recieved a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.
The University of Colorado is one of the friendliest college for students that identify as gay and lesbian.
As the principal investigator, professor Shelly Miller will embark on a three-year project focusing on the effects of weatherization programs.
One instrument aboard the New Horizons spacecraft was designed, built and operated by students at the University of Colorado.
The University of Colorado Hospital now has the onyl intraoperative MRI scanner in the state.
The University of Colorado will launch its new online education initiative next month.
The Colorado School of Public Health received an $8.1 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control to help train occupational-health specialists.
Next spring the University of Colorado will begin a $2 million remodel of its student center.
An instrument developed in Boulder has been picked to fly on a mission to Jupiter's icy moon.
The Univeristy of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus recieved a $10 million grant from the Johnson Family Foundation.