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Online and digital marketing efforts for CU are moving from a centralized marketing and website model to a campus-branded model. This transition will allow for increased alignment between online/digital content and existing campus efforts while allowing each campus to highlight its unique attributes and overall messaging. This transition and the development of an associated strategy will include an assessment of current and desired marketing activities (paid advertising, social media, organic efforts, etc.), current and desired website activities (user experience, design, strategies for customization, etc.), and a review of existing vendor partnerships to increase efficiency.



Discussions regarding a new direction for marketing and website efforts for campus online/digital programming began in winter 2023. In spring 2023, the campuses recommended moving forward with a campus-branded model that will align with existing campus-specific outreach efforts. Requirements gathering is underway and will be complete by May 31. Following requirements gathering, the CRM team will provide recommendations for next steps to the campuses for discussion and approval.



The CRM team will work with key members of campus-level online/digital teams to gather requirements for both marketing and web strategy. The team will then develop a recommendation and associated timelines for campus review. We expect the transition to the model will occur over a period of months, and that enhancements will occur in phases following an initial launch.




Our campus partners will guide every effort toward implementation of the new model. Every decision that occurs will be made in concert with the CRM team and the campuses to ensure a complete understanding of potential risks and implications. We'll also be working to capture goals and key progress indicators (KPIs) so we can ensure that we are headed in the right direction and enable strategy modification if desired.


Key Partners

  • Laura Borgelt, Associate Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives
  • John Butt, Director of Digital Learning
  • Kyla White, Program Director of Digital Marketing


Key Partners

  • Scott Battle, Dean of Continuing Education and Vice Provost
  • Robert McDonald, Senior Vice Provost of Online Education
  • Ted Rockwell, Director of Marketing and Communications


Key Partners

  • Vivek Arora, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Digital Strategy
  • Katie Linder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Digital Strategy and Learning
  • Matthew McCarville, Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT Services and Operations
  • Leigh Pinner, Director of Brand and Digital Marketing
  • Marie Williams, Vice Chancellor for University Communications


Key Partners

  • Nathan Bullock, Executive Director for Online Operations
  • Patty Godbey, Associate Director for the Online Student Experience
  • Olivia McDonald, Digital Content Program Manager
  • Eric Nissen, Director of Marketing
  • Melissa Willers, Marketing Coordinator


Questions about the work taking place for the online upgrade? Please contact us for assistance.

Jennifer Mortensen

Jennifer Mortensen

Interim Director of CRM, University Information Services



Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson

Assistant Director of Web and Portal Applications, University Information Services




Jeff Benn
Jeff Benn

Assistant Director of CRM, University Information Services




Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace

Marketing Production and Traffic Specialist, University Information Services




CRM Team

The above team also works closely in a collaborative partnership with the rest of the CRM team, whose expertise spans multiple areas, including business analysis, product development and delivery, marketing and digital engagement, creative services, and web development.