Social media may be used to enhance communication, engagement, collaboration and information exchange in support the university's mission. Use common sense and thoughtful judgment when embarking on social media.

For additional information on social media for system administration please go to

Additional details are available in the brand identity standards for each campus.

Suggested Do's and Don'ts of Social Media


Have authorization to post on your department's behalf

Protect confidential and proprietary information

Respect copyright and fair use

Ensure the security of your social media account

Be transparent

Be respectful and thoughtful

Be consistent and timely

Strive for accuracy

Place the name of the university first, i.e. on Twitter, CUMedia rather than MediaCU.

Prominently list the university on the social media site and not only the name of the department.

Use periods and underscores (_) sparingly when naming the site.


Post private, restricted or sensitive information

Engage in arguments or negative dialogue when someone disagrees with your post

Represent your personal views as those of the university

Use the stand-alone logo of the university as your sole image

Use images that are too small to easily recognize in a browser or on mobile devices

Design your own department logo that is not recognizable as being affiliated with the University of Colorado

Use the university logo or any other university images or iconography on personal social media sites


When choosing an icon for use on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, the branded interlocking CU logo can be used as a standalone only by the Office of the President. Administrative offices within the CU system can use the interlocking CU logo with the name of the department, such as Government Relations or Payroll and Benefits Services, inscribed below the logo.

Office of the President icon
Social Media: Office of the President

System administration icons
Social Media: Employee Services
Social Media: University Counsel
Social Media: University Relations