Electronic Communications

Electronic communication & online community templates
CU branded templates ensure visual consistency across all electronic communications and online communities systemwide.

Electronic communications
Brand-approved email templates can be found at http://www.cu.edu/ecomm/email-template-optionsContent and images between the header and footer are up to the unit. Headers and footers must remain consistent.

A unit may choose to have a template custom designed, but it must be CU brand compliant.

All email footers must contain the following elements, all of which are found in the pre-built email templates at http://www.cu.edu/ecomm/email-template-options:

  • Unsubscribe link
  • Unit's contact information, including name, address, phone, website URL and email

The unit’s name must be in the header and it must be in either the Helvetica Neue or Arial font. Email templates are designed to allow a unit to customize the header within the eComm Email Marketing tool.

NOTE: All emails must be delivered via eComm to ensure compliance with federal CAN-SPAM legislation and access to accurate and up-to-date information. To request access to eComm, go to www.cu.edu/ecomm.

Online communities
If a unit wants an online community, it must work with a CU eComm campus manager for the development of the community. For system units please contact the CU system eComm program administrator at contact@cu.edu.

There are three templates to choose from for an online community.

The CU logo, name of the unit (i.e., “Alumni Association”) and the campus name are on the left side of the banner. The name of the community (i.e., “Alumni Link”) is on the right side of the banner. 

The footer must contain:

  • Basic unit contact information (name, address, phone, website URL, email)
  • Link to Terms of Use—http://www.cu.edu/terms-service
  • Link to Privacy Policy—unique to each campus
  • © Regents of the University of Colorado
  • Page contact or “Contact Us” link 

Navigation must follow a basic structure outlined by the CU system eComm program administrator (contact@cu.edu).