SharePoint Online: Updating Classic SharePoint team site home pages to the modern template

Starting this month, classic SharePoint team site home pages that have not been customized will be automatically updated to a modern home page template. This modern view contains many features that give team sites a fresher look and make the whole experience more user-friendly including:

  • Responsive pages, keeping the page readable regardless of the device you’re using
  • Document Library improvements, allowing the user to easily move files, filter and bulk edit
  • Improved page configuration editing, making building branded pages and arranging web parts easier

Microsoft will gradually roll this out to targeted release to customers in early March 2020, with completion expected by the end of May.

How does this affect me?

On classic SharePoint team sites where the home page has not been customized, you will see a modern home page on your first visit after this feature debuts. On that first visit, SharePoint will walk you through the new capabilities.
Classic team sites that have been customized will not be automatically updated.

Site collection administrators or site owners can choose to revert to their previous classic home page or upgrade other home pages that weren’t part of the automatic modernization.


More details and resources can be found in the SPO Digest Article. If you have further questions, contact the UIS Service Desk at (303) 860-4357 or email

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