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Trigger-based Entry Scheduling

You can schedule entries based on an occurrence, such as a database refresh or an email. The occurrence acts as a trigger, causing the entry to run. For example, you may want to run a report every time a database is refreshed.
Trigger-based scheduling may be used to run entries automatically based on an occurrence. It may also be used to limit when users can run entries. For example, in a warehouse environment where the database is refreshed only once a week, there is no need to run reports more frequently.
You can choose to schedule the report based on the database refresh so that the report runs only once a week.
Trigger-based scheduling applies only to the entry, not to any entry view associated with it. For example, if trigger-based scheduling applies to a report, it does not apply to report views associated with the report. However, you can schedule a report view using a trigger.

Setup Trigger? We have successfully setup a trigger for Finance Team (FINCLOSE) used for Monthly close Attached document shows how to in cognos analytics.


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