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CU-Data Developer Training - March 8th and 9th

Please click the link below to Enroll$32987:_ss_ilt:spuniversity/ilt_a00150


This course provides an overview of CU-Data system and its various components (Report, Dashboard, Etc..). In this 2- day instructor-led training we cover in-depth basic developer CU-Data training, step by step on how to build a report, prompt and other related functionality.


CU DATA (Cognos Analytics Version 11) - The CU Data User Interface is a modern and sleek User Interface (UI) that provides a graduated User Experience based on the needs of the individual user.  This modern purpose- built User Interface provides a highly intuitive User experience which greatly promotes User adoption.  The only CU provides Analytics tools that provide managed self-service done in a cognitive way. Whether Users are looking for Personal Data Discovery, or to leverage their full enterprise data platform for analysis. Let’s take a few hours to familiarize ourselves with the User Interface so we can take CU Data for a test drive!!


We have CU-Data Cognos Beginner training scheduled every quarter for a year.  The training will run from about 9 am – 4 pm Thursday and 9 am – 12 pm Friday, with the afternoon of Friday reserved for workshop time where participants can get individual help with reports and more tutorial on specific functional area data.  The training location is the system office at 1800 Grant St, Denver, CO, 80203, on the 2nd-floor UIS training.   There are multiple surface lots surrounding 1800 Grant.  Parking is not available the building garage.  There are many restaurants within walking distance from 1800 Grant for lunch options, or we can give you access to one of our lunchrooms if you bring your own lunch.  There are vending machines in the break rooms as well.


If you do not have access to Cognos yet, please follow this link to the Access Request Form (goes through security approval.)  There is a section on there for Cognos security.  You would need at least level 3 security within your functional area.   If you don’t get access in time, we can grant you access to the training, but it will be immediately revoked at the end of training until you get official approval. 


Day 1 morning

Introduction to IRM

ETL Overview

Basic SQL and Query Concepts

                Selects, Joins, Filters

About Cognos Analytics (CU DATA)


               Using Smart search

               Working with object properties

               Running a Report


Introduction into and components of “New”

Break for lunch


Day 1 afternoon

Building Basic queries in Cognos

                Filters, Joins, Aggregations

Auto Group and Summarize property on queries

Data transformations

                Case statements, concatenation, other expressions

Create simple Cognos report


Day 2 morning

Review Day 1

Performance Hints

Grouping & Sorting

Headers & Footers

Prompt Pages

Calculated Fields

Advanced Filters (and/or, referencing other queries)

Drill-through reports

Time permitting, provide tutorials on the Cognos data structures


Day 2 afternoon

Workshop time for individual help with reports or more advanced Cognos Report training


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