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CU-Data Audit Reports and Building an Effective Testing Plan

Hello, IRM Stakeholders!

As you are aware, we are working on two upgrades now: the Oracle 19c that will affect both the CIW and Cognos (CU-Data) and then the Cognos upgrade to 11.1.7, upon the official approval of the Cognos Upgrade on 8/26/2020.

Oracle 19c Upgrade Timeline

COG DEV – upgraded
COG QA – upgraded
CIW QA week of 9/1/20

Users should test in Cognos/CU-Data QA with data source prompt to run against CIW or CIWQA to test for performance changes (execution time)

COG WRT and COG PRD scheduled 9/20/20

Upgrades will be done during a Sunday maintenance window

CIW PRD scheduled 10/18/20

Upgrade will be done during a Sunday maintenance window

Cognos Upgrade Timeline

DEV/TRN 8/24

If you would like to test your content in TRN between 8/24 and 9/8, please send a migration request to so we can ensure content is available.

QA 9/8

WRT 9/21 and PRD 9/23

NOTE: content freeze (no migrations) 9/21 to 9/23

In order to help you build a testing plan, we have developed a few new reports showing Cognos Auditing statistics. The reports are saved in the WRT environment. As long as you are able to access the WRT environment as a report developer, you should have access to this content (details in the attached document).

These reports show interactive and background report runs, excluding prompt page navigation. Data displays only days when logging was turned on for CU-Data Production.

There are three new reports:

1. Executed Reports Summary Dashboard: shows high-level auditing statistics by year and month for all of CU-Data PRD

2. Executed Reports Summary by Area Dashboard: shows statistics for one functional area along with information on which reports were executed, execution time, and a user list.

3. Executed Reports vs PRD Reports by Area: shows reports from Production with a run counts for the past two years and additional details on any unused reports.

Using these reports, identify the reports you want to test in the current environment and the upgraded environment in the first tab of the attached Cognos Upgrade Report Testing document. This first tab outlines 10 quick tests to run for each report. If these initial tests fail, then move on to the second tab (UAT Test Cases) to pinpoint the specific errors or issues and fill in the defect log in the third tab. By using this testing plan, you should be able to more quickly and effectively test reports for your area.

We conducted a training on the IRM provided Audit reports and Building an Effective Testing plan on August 20, 2020. The slides from that training are attached as well as the sample testing plan.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Snow-Trenkle

BI Professional, University Information Services

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