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CU-Data 11.1.5 Upgrade and Training Complete

Hello, IRM Users!

This week we finished the upgrade to 11.1.5 in Production, addressing security vulnerabilities IBM recently announced (

We conducted a training yesterday with the following agenda:

  • Summary of recent tickets and failed reports
    • Access Query Studio
    • My Preferences
    • Renew credentials
    • Provide parameter values
    • Database is down
  • Tips & Tricks
    • Visual aids
    • New Query Options
    • Run Options
    • Group repeating cells (Excel)
    • Additional Resources
  • What’s New
  • Security and Access


Please find the fix list for CU-Data (Cognos) versions 11.1.3, 11.1.4, and 11.1.5 attached as well as the PowerPoint slides from yesterday's training.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Snow-Trenkle

BI Professional, University Information Services

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