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Advanced Reporting Series - Part 1

Thank you to those of you who attended our training on Thursday, January 28th. We reviewed the basics of prompting (covered in our New Report Developer Training) and moved on to some advanced topics:

  • Cascading prompts
  • Show/Hide prompts
  • Control report display
  • Limit text prompt characters

If you were unable to attend the Advanced Prompt training but would like a copy of the step-by-step guide, please email us at

Our next training will be Reporting on Time on Thursday, February 25th 12p-1p MST, via Zoom

  • Review 2 common time tables in CIW
  • Track these tables through CU-SIS packages
  • Reporting Challenge: How to display most recent value within a report
  • Audience: report developers who want to review the structure of time tables in the CIW as well as some guidance on reporting

Please email us at to register for this training.

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