A distinguished and prestigious systemwide review panel convened on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.  Each application received two written scientific reviews and a reader score using a modified NIH scoring system.  After discussion and deliberation by the entire panel, five recommended awardees were selected and the panel forwarded their recommendations to the CU President. CU’s final recommendations will sent to the Boettcher Foundation for review and approval by their Board of Trustees.  Each eligible applicant will receive copies of the scientific reviews, once the winners are announced.

Charge to the Committee (Boettcher Foundation’s objectives, definitions and intent):

  • The impact of the investments should be high in terms of measurable outcomes.
  • Investments should leverage existing or new partnerships to create an effort that is broader in scope than that which can be accomplished with the new funds alone.
  • The awards should support existing programs that demonstrate levels of outstanding merit and accomplishment.
  • The awards should support programs where existing gaps are substantial.

Criteria to be considered by the review committee include, but are not limited to:

  • The scientific merit of the proposed work.
  • The extent to which the research has the promise to contribute directly to improving human health.
  • The preparation of the ECI and their ability to conduct independent research.
  • The likelihood that the ECI will be more competitive after conclusion of the grant.
  • The likelihood that the ECI will produce publications, be promoted, or contribute new technology disclosures will be considered.
  • The reasonableness of the budget and the appropriateness of the timeframe proposed for the project.
  • Plus other criteria developed by the review committee that are commonly applied in a peer review process.

The biomedical research supported pursuant to this grant program will be designed to find ways to prevent disease and improve human health through basic and applied biomedical research. The intent of the program is to fund meritorious research that has the potential for new discoveries or advances a discovery to the proof of its potential value as an application to improve human health.  This research will improve the understanding, treatment and prevention of human disease.