Phillip Morris, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Education


Phillip Morris, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor within the College of Education. His focus is teaching, research and service to the university and teaching research methods courses within the Higher Education M.A. Program as well as the Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership and Research. Morris's research interests relate to access to higher education and student success. 

Given his military background and previous work in Veteran and Military Affairs (VMA) on campus, Morris is impressed with the student body's commitment to community service.

"At UCCS, we have a high military-connected student enrollment - one of the highest proportionally in the U.S. On average, our students are more inclined to get involved in civic engagement, volunteer in their churches, community centers, and jump in to help others in need," said Morris. "I believe the military service background and our Colorado Springs community enstills this ethos."

Why did you apply to work at CU?

My wife was hired as an Assistant Professor at UCCS in 2011 and is now an Associate Professor. It was a wonderful transition for us because there was a position coordinating a grant project that was a good fit for my background. From there, I taught courses as a lecturer and worked in Student Success as the Director of VMA as well as other grant projects. In 2019, I accepted a position as a full-time faculty member. I have been extremely fortunate to work in multiple capactities at CU. 

What has been your favorite project while at CU?

As the Director of our VMA office, I had the chance to work with our Student Veteran orgnaization on an art installation on campus. We worked with a local artist who specializes in community art - Concrete Couch. The goal of the project was to create a symbol of military service on campus for the entire community to see.

We know that students feel a stronger connection and sense of belonging if they see themselves represented on campus. This project, the Military Transition Mosaic, depicts the transition from uniformed service to the college experience to graduation, and into a career beyond. The tile mosaic project is a beautiful and unique feature of our campus. 

An additional project is the development of a Student Veteran Center on campus. This was a multi-year grant writing and donor engagement project, which resulted in one of the warmest and most accommodating spaces on campus.

What is the best part of your workday?

Interacting with students and supporting their day-to-day progress. I also thoroughly enjoy working with colleagues on important and challenging projects.

What makes CU faculty and staff stand out against other universities?

One aspect of working at CU that was very clear when I started here was the connected nature of this campus. The leadership at UCCS is very committed to communicating updates to faculty and staff at all levels, and celebrating the successes of employees as a community. 

Combine the excellent communication network with a high degree of community building across campus by way of town halls and end-of-year celebrations, and you have a very caring and compassionate staff. Though UCCS is growing quickly in all aspects, there is still a strong commitment to making the place feel like a family. 

What is your favorite campus or neighborhood location?

I love all the parks and outdoor spaces in Colorado Springs. The city has a wonderful network, and I try to frequent them as much as possible.

What is your favorite area restuarant?

Front Range Barbeque. Friendly staff, great food, and colorful and quirky setting. They also have live music!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Mountain biking, hiking and spending time with family. 

What is your favorite benefit at CU?

CU has a very generous retirement saving program, which is great peace of mind for long term planning.

What advice do you have for someone interested in working at CU?

CU has a strong commitment to student success. If you enjoy supporting students and are willing to engage in that work every day, then you will fit in at CU!