Jevita Rogers
Senior Executive Director
Office of Financial Aid, Student Employement and Scholarships


Jevita Rogers is the Senior Executive Director of the Office of Financial Aid, Student Employment and Scholarships at CU Colorado Springs. In the first half of 2019, the office has processed and granted over $100 million in financial aid to 9,039 students.

"I have the pleasure of working with 19 staff members who want to make the financial aid process as easy as possible for our students and assist students with finding the financial resources they need to successfully complete their college career. I work with some dedicated people with one common goal⁠ — assisting students achieve their educational goals," she said.

Why did you apply to work at CU?

The day I applied for this position was the same day my brother in Denver told me I was going to be an aunt for the first time. I applied that night and was lucky enough to be chosen.

Why do you think CU is a great place to work?

I am continually amazed by the hard work and dedication of the people I work with. People are consistently going above and beyond their regular job duties to do whatever it takes to ensure a student is successful here.

I also feel like this is home. My husband was lucky enough to graduate from CU Colorado Springs in 2015 as magna cum laude with his Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Geology. We love being part of the CU Colorado Springs family. I came to UCCS after working at another university for 19 years, and I never thought I would find the feeling of being part of a family again. I was very wrong. This is our home.

What has been your favorite project while at CU?

Although it was extremely stressful, I worked on the compliance and student success sections of our Higher Learning Commission (HLC) reaccreditation. I was able to complete a large chunk of this mammoth undertaking while overseeing the office and serving with four others as an interim vice chancellor for Student Success team. It was a crazy time, but I learned a lot and we achieved our reaccreditation with no issues. 

What is the best part of your workday?

Any time I can assist a student with whatever situation they need help with. I enjoy speaking with students (and their parents) on the phone or in person. It reinforces my love of higher education and my choice to work in financial aid for the last 25 years. 

What does a typical day at CU look like for you?

No day is ever typical. It is always sprinkled with meetings, answering questions for students, dealing with initiatives and special projects and then more meetings.

What is your favorite campus or neighborhood location?

There is nothing better than walking around campus and to look to the west and see all the majesty of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. My family and I now live close to the U.S. Air Force Academy, and having that view of the Front Range every day is incredible. No sunrise or sunset is ever the same here⁠ — it’s breathtaking!

What is your favorite area restuarant?

Narai Thai in Rockrimmon

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spending time with my husband Marc, whether it's going around Colorado to find a caldera or catching our niece Haven's soccer game. 

What is your favorite benefit at CU?

Other than my fellow staff and faculty, the dependent tuition benefit. It was such a great thing for my husband to start his degree at 50 years old and be so successful. Having that tuition benefit for him did help with our costs⁠ — it saved us close to $3,500 a year. 

What advice do you have for someone interested in working at CU?

Come visit and fall in love with all that is happening at CU. Each campus has something for everyone. Participate! There are opportunities for cultural, educational and personal growth no matter which campus you choose. Of course, I’m partial to CU Colorado Springs.