Al Wirtes
Director of Advanced Technologies and Enterprise Architecture
University Information Services (UIS)


Al Wirtes is the Director of Advanced Technologies and Enterprise Architecture within University Information Services, helping to design and build efficient data exchange solutions between university systems.

Why did you initially apply to work at CU?

When I began my job search, I was looking for organizations with an excellent reputation, mature benefit plans, and ample opportunities for growth. CU checked all those boxes. I had the CU Careers jobs page bookmarked in my web browser, and I would periodically check for interesting job postings.

Tell us about your favorite project you've completed during your time at CU.

We just launched our integrations platform to support the Regents’ initiative for online education. We call this platform ODIN for Online Data and Information Network. ODIN is a modern data interface that is powerful and flexible enough to support our ever-growing data needs.

What is the best part of your work day?

I am lucky enough to get to work with people on all of our campuses. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend on campuses collaborating with our campus Office of Information (OIT) partners and other organizations to design and build better solutions.

What is your favorite campus/neighborhood location?

I absolutely love the statue of the horse on the big red chair in front of the Denver Public Library. Its official name is “The Yearling,” and it was created by Donald Lipsky. I love the way it playfully challenges your expectations and assumptions. We have many photos of our family with it over the years.

What is your favorite area restaurant?

I’m a huge fan of Fluid Coffee Bar about a block away from the System office.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy hiking with my family, exploring Colorado, tinkering with computers, writing and discovering new music. Recently, I have begun to explore the rich history of Broomfield, Colorado, my adopted hometown for the last 20 years. Broomfield has a quirky history full of colorful characters, famous dogs and even an urban legend.

What is your favorite perk or benefit at CU?

Working with smart and passionate people is the best benefit that any job can offer. 

What would be your one piece of advice for someone interested in working at CU?

Be open to new opportunities and embrace the adventure. The university culture is dynamic and energizing. Be prepared to not just perform your job duties, but to also be challenged to absorb new ideas and think differently.