Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Grants fund innovative projects that promote diversity and inclusive excellence throughout the University of Colorado.

Grant proposals must be submitted by CU faculty* or staff. Proposals are initially reviewed by campus representatives who forward the top proposals to a system-wide selection committee. The system-wide selection committee, consisting of faculty and staff from each campus, will review the proposals and rate them based on the criteria listed below.  Proposals are funded based on the recommendations of the system-wide committee. Projects selected for funding are restricted to a maximum award of $3,000​.

*Full-time CU faculty members with the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, senior instructor, or instructor.

Past Recipients

Proposal Rating Criteria

The project:

  • Demonstrates feasibility and clarity of purpose;
  • Indicates the potential for tangible results, capacity-building, sustainability, and replication;
  • Offers an effective, innovative approach to meeting important needs in higher education; delivers outcomes that are consistent with campus-wide diversity goals; and,
  • Fosters collaboration between groups (e.g. campuses, departments, staff and faculty, community).

Additional Considerations

  • Multi-campus projects or projects with the potential for system-wide impact are favored when other factors are equal.
  • Projects that leverage additional resources are favored when other factors are equal.
  • If funding will be used to support an existing program or activity, a proposal that seeks to expand or enhance the program is viewed more favorably than one that only maintains current activity.  How expansion/enhancement will be achieved should be clearly explained.
  • If the proposed project is primarily research-based, the inclusion of mentoring opportunities for students is highly valued. The involvement and mentorship of students should be clearly explained in the proposal. 

Proposal Format

Proposals must follow the required format.

 1.  One Page Cover Sheet, which should include:

  • Title of the project;
  • Name, title, department, phone number, and email address of author(s); and
  • A brief description of and purpose for the project.

 2.  Proposal Narrative, which includes (in three pages or less):

  • Description of the project and intended impact;
  • Statement showing how the project reflects campus-wide diversity goals; and
  • Timeframe for completion.

 3.  Budget and Justification

  • A complete and detailed budget that includes the precise dollar amount requested and justification for the request.
    • Commitment for funding is given only on an annual basis, and such commitment should not be construed as a commitment for future funding.
    • Lack of a clear, itemized budget is grounds for denying funding.
    • If funds are to be used for the purchase of equipment or materials (including computer software or hardware), the proposal must indicate why they are essential to the project, and who will be responsible for them and how they will be used after the project has been completed.
    • Funds CANNOT be used for faculty or staff salaries or course buyouts.  Salary support for students (e.g. research assistants or other student assistants) is allowed.
    • All funds must be spent in accordance with university fiscal and procurement policies.

 4.  Optional Supporting Documents (appendices), which might include:

  • Statements of support from supervisors, deans, or other officers.
  • Brief CVs or resumes of participants, invited guests, and/or outside speakers.
  • Other information that may be useful for the selection committee.

Notice of Award

Recipients will be notified by January 2021.

Post-Award Reporting

Before receiving funding, you must agree to submit a final report on the activities supported by the grant.