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I. General Faculty

A. Membership

The Laws of the Regents define the membership of the general faculty of the University of Colorado. (The membership of the faculty of each college or school is defined in Regent Laws Section 4.A.4, Faculty Membership.) Regent policy defines members of the general faculty for the purpose of clarifying those positions exempt from the State Personnel System.

B. Meetings

Meetings of the general faculty of the university may be called by the president.

II. Faculty Government

A. Acknowledgment

The organizations of the faculty government are the university-wide Faculty Senate, the Senate committees, the Faculty Council and its committees, the four campuses' faculty governing bodies and their committees, and the faculty in each college or school. The constitution of the faculty government is found in the Rules of the Senate. Provisions in the Laws of the Regents on faculty government are in Part E of Article 5.

B. Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is an organization of faculty government. There are provisions in the Rules of the Senate and the Laws of the Regents about the Faculty Senate.Senate Committees are as follows: Budget, Educational Policy and University Standards (EPUS), Intercollegiate Athletics and Student Recreation-Intramurals, Minority Affairs, Personnel, Presidency, Privilege and Tenure, Public Service and Information, and Teaching.

C. Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the representative governing body of the Faculty Senate.The organization and responsibilities of the Faculty Council are established in the Rules of the Senate. See also provisions in the Laws of the Regents on the Faculty Council.

D. Campus Governing Bodies

Faculty Senate members on each campus are organized as local faculty senates,each of which has its own constitution and bylaws. The faculty governing bodies currently constituted on the four campuses are: Boulder Faculty Assembly, Colorado Springs Faculty Assembly, Denver Faculty Assembly and Health Sciences Center Faculty Assembly. See also provisions in the Laws of the Regents on campus governing bodies.

E. Shared Governance

The relationship between faculty, governance and the administration and the Board of Regents, is defined in the Laws of the Regents and in the Faculty Senate Constitution..