Brand positioning

Our brand is a promise we make about all things related to the University of Colorado (CU): our campuses, our foundation and our system. Our brand is more than a name or a logo. Every point of contact we have with our audiences— students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and others—builds perception about who we are as a university, the things we do to fulfill our mission and why we are important to our stakeholders.

Who we are, what we do and why it matters

For centuries, people have been drawn to Colorado for discovery, individual success and better lives. We are the University of Colorado, and we embody that spirit by investing in the people, places and ideas that will move Colorado and the nation successfully into the future.

We are a recognized leader in higher education on the national and global stage. We collaborate to meet the diverse needs of our students, faculty, staff and communities. Our purpose is to promote innovation, encourage discovery and support the extension of knowledge in ways unique to the state of Colorado.

The University of Colorado advances the economy, culture and health of Colorado and the nation.

Brand attributes
The personality and character of our brand

We are committed to the improvement of higher education in the state of Colorado.

We partner with other institutions, our communities and among ourselves to advance the educational and health needs of the state and our constituents.
We support discovery and create possibilities so people, places and ideas can thrive.

We draw from the environment and the people around us to keep our thinking fresh and meaningful.

We are pragmatic and honest about the challenges facing us today and the solutions we will employ tomorrow.

Core messages
How we communicate in support of our position, organized under four areas of excellence and impact

Learning and teaching
  • We are a leader in higher education for the state, providing the broadest range of educational opportunities.
  • We provide a distinctive balance of traditional and experiential learning that supports a broad range of faculty and student endeavors.
Discovery and innovation
  • Our research directly benefits Colorado, from health care advancement to technology innovation.
  • We cultivate people and ideas to create value for the state of Colorado.
Community and culture
  • We are an essential part of the fabric of communities across Colorado.
  • We play a significant role in sustaining economic social and cultural vitality in the state, and we extend our reach to a national and global stage.
Health and wellness
  • We drive health care innovation, delivery and education for Colorado and beyond.
  • We improve health by treating and curing disease through research and innovation.