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Diversity, Inclusion & Outreach - Feb. 2021


Inclusion & Awareness

  • Read and sign CU's Inclusivity pledge.
  • Why pronouns matter and how to be an ally.
  • LGBTQ+ resources across CU campuses.
  • 2021 Colorado Equal Pay Act - CU Campuses prepare for compliance.
  • We are excited to recognize annual occassions celebrated in our community in March:
    • Women's History Month - Started in 1987, Women's History Month recognizes all women for their valuable contributions to history and society.
    • National Devleopmental Disabilities Awareness Month - Established to increase awareness and understanding of issues affecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
    • National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month - Established to raise awareness of this autoimmune disease and assist those with multiple sclerosis in making informed decisions about their health care. 

Visit our calendar for more important dates throughout the year.  


Please consider making a difference locally and donate:  

  • Colorado Combined Campaign runs annually from Oct - Feb. Resource Guide. Go to iPledge and give monthly or a lump sum. 
  • Florence Crittenton empowers teen mothers. This was part of our 2020-2021 Winter Holiday Drive. Learn how you can connect, volunteer or give.  
  • Clothes to Kids Denver donate new or gently used clothes.  
  • Dumb Friends League (animal shelter): give a tribute, supplies (ex: old towels, shoeboxes, water bottle caps and cardboard egg cartons...), even money or a vehicle.  
  • Find a great non-profit that motivates you. 

Explore how CU serves Colorado 

Want to learn more about Diversity & Inclusion?

Check out these great options. 

1. CU at the Top: Diversity and Inclusion (browse or start the challenge by completing an agreement form with your supervisor) 

  • Understand and implement strategies for inclusion. 
  • Uncover components of your own biases and perceptions. 
  • Gain insight into other identities and experiences that are different from your own. 

2. CU Denver: Center for Identity & Inclusion offers services, virtual drop-in chat sessions, programs, resources, & events. 

3. CU Boulder 

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