Communicating with Non-Degree Seeking Students

For communicators across CU, it's important to remember that non-degree seeking students won't automatically be captured in your communications. Since they are non-degree seeking, their contact information isn't automatically loaded to Salesforce. Therefore, is you want to communicate with this audience, you'll need to do a bit of work ahead of time.

Work with your Campus Records Team

Your campus records team should be able to provide you with key information about the group of students with whom you wish to communicate (for example, certificate program students in the School of Public Affairs). As the records team if they can export data on your audience and send it to you in an Excel spreadsheet that includes first name, last name, and email address with each value in its own column.

NOTE If you're planning on communicating with a non-degree seeking audience on a regular basis, you may want to schedule quarterly data updates with your records team to account for program changes.

Contact your eComm Specialist to Create Salesforce Contacts

Once you have gathered data from your records team, reach out to your eComm Specialist to get the data loaded to Salesforce. Be ready to provide key information such as your timeline for distribution and the from name and send classification you'll be using for your messages.

Your eComm specialist will create new contacts in Salesforce with the data you provided and will build an audience report that you'll be able to access for your send.

NOTE Be sure to give your eComm Specialist plenty of notice when submitting this type of request. While we strive to complete work as quickly as possible, turn around times can be up to two weeks depending on volume and the existing queue.

Send your Message

Once you have the audience name from your eComm Specialist, you can proceed with your send as normal.