Article III - Membership

Authority of the UCSC membership is vested in the Board of Regents. Time required by classified and university staff representatives for regular and special meetings during normal working hours shall be designated as regular work hours.

A. Membership on the UCSC shall be comprised of classified and university staff selected by each campus staff council. Each campus staff council will delegate a total of three staff representatives and one alternate member. Each member must be in good standing as defined by the campus council bylaws. Each member has one vote, and alternate members may vote only in the absence of a representative from that campus. Each campus is limited to three voting members per meeting.

B. On a case-by-case basis, membership may be offered to other staff of the University of Colorado upon a three-fourths vote of the UCSC.

C. Members will serve for a term of three years and alternates for one year, beginning at the time of the individual staff council elections/appointments.

D. The term of any member of the UCSC shall become vacant upon resignation, removal by two-thirds vote of the UCSC, or termination of service from the University. The individual campus staff council in which the vacancy occurred shall immediately fill the vacancy.

E. Members may be censured or removed by a two-thirds vote of the UCSC for violation of University regulations or unacceptable conduct. Issues of violation of University regulations or unacceptable conduct will be brought to the UCSC as appropriate.

F. If a member is absent for three meetings in any consecutive twelve-month period, she/he will receive a warning that if a fourth absence occurs within the twelve-month period, the Executive Committee may remove the member from the UCSC.

G. Ex-officio member:

  1. Definition: the ex-officio member(s) shall be a non-voting member(s) selected due to the unique knowledge, expertise, or contribution that he/she can bring to the UCSC.
  2. Selection: the UCSC has the option to elect an ex-officio member(s). The voting members of UCSC, through secret ballot, will elect the ex-officio member.
  3. Term: ex-officio member(s) will serve on a one-year term beginning July 1st. There will be no limit to consecutive terms.
  4. Removal: ex-officio members will be subject to Article III, Sections E and F.
  5. An officer-elect whose term as representative or alternate expires prior to the commencement of his or her term as officer shall serve as a member without a vote.
  6. The immediate past chair of the UCSC shall be an ex-officio member of the UCSC and shall serve in addition to the regular members from his/her individual staff council.