Treasury Pool

The Treasurer of the University has established the following goals for the composition of the University's investable funds.

Target percentages of Treasury Pool at market as of June 30, 2016:

  • Cash & Fixed Income 55%
  • Equities 41%
  • Alternatives 4%

The University's investable funds are broken into three segments. Each segment represents funds with different investment time horizons. The segment's average investment maturity is used to represent the investment time horizon.

SegmentNameTypeTime HorizonBenchmark
1Daily Working CapitalFixed Incomeless than 1 Year30 Day T-Bill
2ContingencyFixed Income1-5 Years1-3 and 1-5 Yrs. Barclays Capital Government/Credit Indices
3Non-Recurring ItemsFixed Income, Equities and AlternativesGreater than 5 YearsBroken into six subgroups:


1. Standard & Poors 500
2. Barclays Capital Aggregate
3. Standard & Poors 400 Mid/Standard & Poors 600 Small
4. Morgan Stanley Capital International - All Country World Index - Ex US
5. Morgan Stanley Capital International - All Country World Index
6. Alternative Strategies

The Target percentage composition of each the Segment 3 subgroups is as follows:

Segment 3
Target %
 30%Large Cap Domestic Equity
 7%Blended Mid/Small Cap (Domestic Equity)
 18%International Equity
 35%Fixed Income
 3%Emerging Markets Equity