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ABOUT THIS VISUALIZATION: This data visualization summarizes fall term census student enrollment and allows for viewing enrollment by campus, residency, and student level. Data includes degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students. Data is limited to students with state reportable hours. Students who are exclusively enrolled in extended studies are not included. Additionally, there are also enrollment summaries for Colorado counties and International students. This data visualization was created by the CU System Institutional Research. Additional details are provided within the visualization.

ABOUT THIS DATA: Headcount enrollment reflects the number of students enrolled for the reporting period. Fall census headcount enrollment based on campus provided snapshots. Additional regional data based on end-of-term fall term headcount enrollment.

Also available as an excel or pdf file. Should you have questions or comments on this data, please contact

Visualization is formatted for 1600x900 resolution. If you are using a smaller screen, use this link hosted on

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