What is SharePoint

SharePoint is a collaboration tool that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to:

  • Empower teamwork
  • Quickly find information
  • Seamlessly collaborate across the organization
Upgrading to SharePoint Online

System Administration is upgrading to Office 365, and SharePoint is included in this upgrade. Currently, CU uses SharePoint On-Premises, which is locally managed by UIS. With moving to Office 365, we transition infrastructure management to Microsoft, saving CU money, time and resources to better serve our customers. It also allows us to take advantage of the growing number of features and applications that Microsoft offers now and in the future!

What is changing? Nothing should change in the look, feel and usage of SharePoint. Web URLs will be different, but all your site bookmarks will continue to work with redirects in place.

External campus users: Please accept the site invitation(s) you will receive from no-reply@sharepointonline by October 25. Failure to accept the invitations will prevent us from migrating your current permissions. Note: If you have access to more than one site, you will receive an invitation for each one; click the link to accept the invitation for each site. Once you accept, you will need to enter your campus credentials to authenticate.

What can I use this for?

From a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, SharePoint allows you to:

  • Centralize your content and resources in one place for easier searchability and access
  • Easily collaborate & communicate with your team, department or campus partners
  • Work effortlessly with the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Search, modify and securely share documents
  • Utilize shared calendars
  • Transform business processes with forms and workflows
  • Access content on the go from a mobile device
  • Access business data found in common line-of-business systems

Who sets up a new SharePoint site?

UIS Service Desk

How do you request a site?

Submit a ticket by emailing the UIS Service Desk at help@cu.edu.

What version of SharePoint are we on?

SharePoint Online beginning on Nov. 4, 2019.

Typical Site permissions/roles:

  • Site Owners – people who have full control over the site and can perform all the administrative tasks necessary to manage the site.
  • Site Members – people who can modify and contribute documents and other content to the site.
  • Site Visitors – people who can only view site content.


More information is coming soon! Have immediate questions? Contact the UIS Service Desk.