International roaming internet service Eduroam is now available to CU System Administration employees and to select visitors at 1800 Grant Street and the Broomfield Advancement office.

What is Eduroam?

This service was developed for the international research and education community. It provides university staff, professors and students easy, secure wireless network access when visiting participating institutions. It can also be used by visitors to the CU System Administration, if their institutions participate in Eduroam.

How do I use Eduroam?

If you’re visiting an Eduroam institution, you can log into its wireless network using your CU credentials.

Use your AD credentials – last name, first initial – followed by (For example, Jane Doe would be Your password will be the same one you use to log in to your computer, VPN, email, etc.

Eduroam forwards your credentials to CU, we authenticate them, and you’ve got wireless access.

Why use Eduroam?

The key benefit: Users don’t need to worry about trying to onboard to a visiting institution’s guest wireless network. That’s true for CU System administration employees visiting other institutions and visitors coming here. It takes away the hassles, and lets you get to work.

Eduroam doesn’t work like or replace VPN; only Internet access is made available. You will still need to establish a VPN to access secure resources (i.e. P: drive).

There is no need for System Administration staff to connect to Eduroam while at the system offices. Continue to connect to the CU System wireless network.

How do I log into Eduroam?


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