Website banners and footers

Consistent website banners ensure visual consistency across University of Colorado websites, improving recognition and understanding of the university brand.

  • The banner must appear at the top of every University of Colorado web page.
  • The banner must not be resized or altered in any way.
  • The name of the unit should appear in the university’s Helvetica Neue Light typeface.
  • In the absence of Helvetica Neue, the Arial type family is an acceptable substitute.
  • The footer should include basic contact information including address, phone number,
  • fax and email address (the email address can be an alias like "").
  • Every website must have a link to its privacy policy in the footer.
  • The footer should have a link to Terms of Use — .
  • © Regents of the University of Colorado must be included in the footer.

Additional details are available in the brand identity standards for each campus

Website banners and footers