Official University of Colorado Seal

The official university seal (with Greek lettering as part of the interior design) lends authenticity to documents that emanate from the university, particularly in its corporate capacity. It is used primarily on diplomas, official transcripts, written agreements and contracts and certification of Board of Regents actions. It is also used on the president’s chain of office, the university mace, commencement programs, regent regalia and print and electronic publications of the Board of Regents.

The offices of admissions and records on each campus are authorized to use the official seal on documents requiring authentication and containing information drawn from official records of the university.

Use of the official seal for purposes other than those described above is prohibited. The secretary of the university and Board of Regents is the custodian of the official seal and maintains discretion as to its use.


University of Colorado Commercial Seal

The commercial seal (English lettering as part of the interior design) has limited application and should not be substituted for approved university marks on business collateral (stationery, envelopes, etc.), web pages, electronic applications, print pieces, signage, vehicles or apparel. Its use is reserved for approved signage and podiums.

Members of the university community have the option of using it on business cards and laboratory coats for physicians and researchers. Any other uses must be approved by the University of Colorado Brand Identity Standards Board.