Use the official university logo signature (or signature extension) in all university communications.

Maintain the original logo signature proportions.

Maintain the brand integrity of the logo signature.

Give the logo signature its own space.

Make sure the logo signature is easily identifiable.

Place the logo signature on clean backgrounds for maximum contrast and visibility.


Use unofficial or third-party logos for university-related entities.

Stretch or distort the logo signature. Use the original electronic art files. Don’t redraw or retype the logo signature.​

Add unofficial text or graphic elements to the logo signature.

Sandwich the logo signature or stack it with other elements.

Use the system logo where the wordmark is less than 2 inches wide.

Use colors that are not part of the approved palette.

Don’t place the logo signature on similar or low-contrast backgrounds. Avoid patterned backgrounds when possible.

Use the logo lockup as part of a text element in body copy.

Don't use the interlocking CU as a stand-alone element.