The brand equity for units, schools and colleges rests with their affiliation with the University of Colorado and its campuses. Subidentities (including logos, wordmarks, typefaces and alternate design elements other than those officially approved) detract from the university’s ability to project a consistent, coordinated identity. Therefore, logos, wordmarks and alternate identities that deviate from the approved identity standards detailed in this manual and/or campus manuals are prohibited.

Donor-named schools or colleges
Schools or colleges that have received contributions that allow naming of the school or college for the donor (as approved by the CU Foundation and Board of Regents) shall have the opportunity to use a distinctive typeface as part of the signature line, but not a logo that deviates from approved identity standards.

University of Colorado Boulder Ralphie
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
University of Colorado Denver

Intercollegiate athletics marks
Athletics marks (“Ralphie” and the athletics interlocking CU at CUBoulder; Milo at CU-Denver; Mountain Lion at UCCS) are exclusive to the Departments of Intercollegiate Athletics. These marks should not be used by units, departments, schools, colleges or affiliates. Any use other than for intercollegiate athletics and/or approved vendors must have written permission from the Campus Brand Identity Standards Board. Guidelines for the use of Ralphie can be found at The marks are trademarked and governed by the University Licensing Office.

Exceptions to identity standards
Any exceptions or deviations to the University of Colorado Identity Standards must be approved by the University of Colorado Brand Identity Standards Board, as authorized by the Board of Regents and directed by the president. Complementary campus Brand Identity Standards Boards (and campus Identity Standards documents) provide advice and guidance on issues specific to campuses, but do not approve exceptions or deviations from campus or system guidelines.