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Meet the System HR Talent Acquisition Team

The Talent Acquisition Team is a mighty team of 4!

Our team consists of Sheri Jungman, Paige Helminski, Turner Rafter, and Talisha Bell.  We are dedicated to supporting System Administration departments with all recruitment-related needs.  We also partner across the CU campuses and their Talent Acquisition teams.

Sheri Jungman

Sheri Jungman
Talent Acquisition Manager

Talisha Bell photo

Talisha Bell
Sr. HR Professional, HR for UIS

Paige Helminski photo

Paige Helminski
Sr. Talent Acquisition Professional

Turner Rafter photo

Turner Rafter
Talent Acquisition Professional

What we do

The Talent Acquisition Team partners with individual hiring managers to understand the roles needed to be filled and helps set a timeline and strategy for each search.  We post professional positions on CU Careers, as well as student assistant positions through Handshake and SEAN to reach our students on the campuses.  Once positions are posted, we screen all applicants for minimum qualifications, and provide a screening matrix and resumes for hiring teams to review.  We provide support throughout the recruitment process, helping with phone screens, interview scheduling, reference checking, and extending verbal offers.  Once an offer is accepted, we run the background check and draft offer letters.  Throughout the process, we are communicating and partnering with the hiring manager to ensure an effective and efficient process.  The team also sources candidates through LinkedIn and various in-person and virtual job fairs. 

Where our positions get posted

While we post all professional positions to our CU Careers site, there are many other sites and resources that we to use to advertise our postings as well!  Our positions automatically get posted to:

Our team manually posts to several sites including:

We also work with hiring managers to discuss posting on any other industry-specific sites that make sense for the position or department, as well as provide guidance to increase the diversity of our pools.

What else are we working on

The Talent Acquisition team collaborates with the campus central HR teams and meets regularly with them to connect, share ideas, professional development opportunities, and talk through timely situations that may affect other campuses.  We are always looking to find efficiencies in our process to make things go as smoothly as possible for our departments.  This includes looking at different software options and working with campus HR teams to share costs and conducting surveys.  We send out surveys to learn how the recruitment process went for hiring managers, as well as candidates who went as far as interviews.  There is also a survey for those who did not complete their application for consideration.  We use this data to inform future decisions and enhance the recruitment experience for all involved.

How can I help with recruitment?

While we are an employer of choice for many, the more we can spread the word about our open positions, the better!  You can always help by sharing a job posting on LinkedIn or other professional network, or by making a recommendation or referral when you know someone who may be good for an open role.  You can learn more about our hiring best practices by visiting our website.

How to reach us

If you have a hiring need or questions about a recruitment process, please contact us at or visit our website for more recruitment information.


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