Tips & Tricks | 10 Event Trends for 2017

The event industry is rapidly evolving to include more strategic use of technology and better definition of user experiences. These trends and best practices, along with 38 others, are discussed 10 Event Trends for 2017 from The Event Manager Blog. This handbook, written by industry professionals, contains interesting information and quick tips to help you stay at the forefront of events. 

Here are a couple of excerpts from the handbook:

"From the very first touchpoint in your marketing to the very last touchpoint of your content and experience journey, are you honest and authentic about what you deliver and how you deliver it?" - Page 31

"Banished are the beige sterility of hotel meeting venues while the dynamic excitement of private lofts, photo studios and rehearsal rooms are decidedly in."  - Page 37

Not only does this handbook offer insight into the current status of event trends, but it is also eligible for CMP continuing education credits. You can download 10 Event Trends for 2017 here.