CU to launch MOOC on the past, present and future of energy

'Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future' teaches how the industries’ technical, regulatory and structural history shapes electricity
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Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future

Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future

The University of Colorado in partnership with Coursera will launch its 30th massive open online course (MOOC) next month through the Business School at CU Denver.

The Electric Utilities: Fundamentals and Future: Global Energy Management (GEM) Program online course offers learners the opportunity to understand how the industries’ technical, regulatory and structural history shapes the electricity we all rely on today.

The course looks to this industry’s evolution, which continues to unfold at an unprecedented pace as customer needs, technological advancements, the call for environmental stewardship and looming competition converge.

Melissa Wood, GEM instructor at CU Denver

Melissa Wood, GEM instructor at CU Denver

Taught by Melissa Wood, GEM instructor, the course will follow how electricity is generated from fossil fuels or renewables; how utility rates are priced and governed; industry background and hurdles; and what is to come.

“This industry touches all of us. But how much do we really know about it?" Wood said.

"What’s most exciting about this course is the fact that industry insiders weigh in on the basics as well as the future of this industry. Learners get the inside track and are exposed to different opinions so that they can form their own.”

The five-module course, launching in May, has garnered the endorsement of Xcel Energy as a training tool, a means to recruit knowledgeable employees and much more. Registration is open now.

Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future

“Energy is a complicated business that is always evolving,” said Jerome Davis, regional vice president of Xcel Energy – Colorado.

“This course provides a comprehensive overview of electric utilities to educate the public, and it does so in a very engaging and interesting way.”

The electric utilities industry is ever-evolving, and this MOOC will allow learners to stay on top of the latest advances and regulations, he said.

Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future
“This type of outreach and education is important because energy issues continue to grow in significance every day,” Davis said. “All people should have a basic understanding of how energy works and how it impacts their daily lives.”

Aside from utility companies and employees, the course is geared for people looking to join the industry, whether as a renewable developer, electric utility employee or regulator and consumers or businesses looking to make the right electric-related decisions. It will be instrumental for U.S. participants who want to learn more about the industry and what shapes how we receive our utilities every day. It will also provide learners studying energy management important behind-the-scenes information relevant to their areas of interest. 

Find out more about the course here