Fiscal transactions

Financial transactions occur within numerous University functions including Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits, Procurement and Student Services. EXAMPLES OF FISCAL TRANSACTIONS Function/Transaction • Accounting o Asset Transfers/Disposition o Cash Transfer o Journal Entry (JE) o Interdepartmental Invoice/Order • Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits o Create or Modify Position (Employment Management) o One Time Payment (Payroll) o Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) o Payroll Funding Distribution o Time Collection Entry • Procurement (Purchasing, Payables or Travel) o Cash Advance o Departmental Purchase Order o International Travel Meal Diary Form o Official Function Form o Petty Cash o Procurement Card Allocation o Procurement Card Purchase o Payment (Expense) Voucher o Purchase Requisition o Standing Purchase Order Renewal/Requisition o Travel Authorization/Advance o Travel Voucher o Unavailable Documentation • Student Services / Bursar o Cash Receipt o Financial Aid Award o Tuition and Fee Charge o Tuition Waiver