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The four campuses within the University of Colorado are united in making a difference. Whether it’s the economic impact, breakthrough research, championing higher education, helping communities, or advancing healthcare, together we can shape the future of Colorado and the world.

Elevating Colorado

$12.3 Billion+ In State Economic Impact

University of Colorado and its affiliate hospitals are on a continuing quest to keep growing the Colorado economy. This dedication can be seen in those we serve in everything from essential health care to the arts and cultural programming. Because when Colorado grows, we all grow with it.

250,000 Alumni in Colorado

Across all four campuses we are proud to have over 250,000 CU graduates making an impact on the Colorado economy. From new businesses to jobs to ground-breaking research they are all making a significant contribution to our great state.

190+ New Companies Created

Over the course of our history, we can proudly say that more than 190 new companies have been created as a result of research that has taken place on the campuses of CU.


This is just one of the 190+ companies to be created by one of our alumni. Dr. Allen Lim started Skratch Labs after getting his PHD at CU. His PHD research focused on training intensity for athletes. This, combined with a love for cycling, took him to the pro-cycling tour in Europe where he began making sports nutrition drinks for riders. This ultimately led to the creation of Skratch Labs that develops sports nutrition offerings that fuels athletes worldwide. It quickly became one of the fastest growing food and beverage companies. Learn More about Skratch Labs.


Exploring Together


CU Boulder ranks #1 in NASA funding among public universities and second among all universities. Their commitment to exploration has also allowed them to design and build 145 instruments and accompanying parts that have been launched into space and traveled to every planet in the solar system.


Founded in 1975, Fiske Planetarium offers a diverse range of full-dome films, star talks, live talks, special live events, as well as hosting large public gatherings during astronomical and NASA-related events. It’s all built around a belief of innovating immersive, educational experiences to engage, inspire, and build an inclusive community. The 65-foot diameter dome is the largest planetarium between Chicago and Los Angeles. Outfitted with an 8K Sky-Skan projection system, cutting-edge content, dazzling visuals, and fantastic sound system the experiences within are second to none. Plus, the MegaStar projector, which shows 10 million stars and the Milky Way, creates one of the most beautiful indoor skies ever. Learn more about the University of Colorado’s Fiske Planetarium.


The longstanding partnership between CU Boulder and Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Systems has allowed graduates and students to be a part of the Dream Chaser commercial manned spacecraft project. This collaboration not only supports the Colorado economy but allows for valuable learning experiences for those involved. Learn more about the Sierra Nevada Corporation.


Championing Higher Education


Across each of the four campuses at the University of Colorado, we are working toward a better future for every student. It comes down to helping them realize their potential so they can join CU alumni across the globe in making a difference in lives and communities.


The J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities at the University of Colorado Denver Business School is the first center of its kind focused on a broad range of commodities, including agriculture, energy and mining. Established in 2012, this innovative center provides educational programs and research in commodities markets, regulation, trading, financial fundamentals, investing, risk management and ethics. The J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities aims to become the global leader in commodities research and education. Learn more about the University of Colorado’s JP Morgan Commodities Center.


ATLAS is an interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention. We inspire research, experimentation and critical thinking that turns ingenious ideas into reality. The institute’s labs and academic programs encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative exploration, attracting technology visionaries and virtuosos who reach beyond convention, take risks and innovate.

Our synthesis of design and technology amplifies innovation in engineering and the arts. We believe the best way to shape the future is to invent it. We promote rigorous, curiosity-driven investigation in a thriving academic community that is supportive, energetic and playful. A changemaker at the University of Colorado Boulder, ATLAS is proud to offer a full portfolio of interdisciplinary academic programs through the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Learn more about the University of Colorado’s Atlas Institute.


The University of Colorado Pre-Collegiate Development Program is reaching further and going farther into the rural areas of the state. The program recently expanded to Fort Morgan in northeast Colorado and is heading to southern Colorado in the coming year to the San Luis Valley. Two other school districts – Holyoke and Garfield County – are next in line. The program is not only empowering the state’s urban and rural communities, it’s building the future of Colorado. The popular pipeline program that preps middle and high schoolers for college has reached more than 45,000 students in the past three decades. Learn more about pre-collegiate programs at the University of Colorado.


Helping Communities


The four campuses of the University of Colorado are dedicated to communities large and small across our great state. It’s why we provide more than 800 outreach programs and health care services statewide. It’s here that faculty, students, and physicians share their expertise and resources to help keep communities and people healthy. Learn more about the University of Colorado’s community programs around the state.


The UCCS Farmhouse is comprised of the UCCS Farm and Greenhouse with the adjacent farmhouse. The Farmhouse is the center of a seed-to-plate operation, be it for Food Next Door, campus event planning that focuses on health and sustainability through local food, or our mobile food literacy vehicle, called the Flying Carrot. The UCCS Farmhouse is also the place of food and farm based courses and allows for experiential learning in both gardening and cooking. The UCCS Farmhouse is a hub for local food literacy funded by the Green Action Fund. Students visiting the Farmhouse are introduced to topics such as local food systems, our UCCS Dining and Hospitality Services transition, and the history of the UCCS Greenhouse. The farmhouse also teaches about climate change and food, Slow Food International, traditional food systems, the history of cooking, and where to get local food direct farm-to-consumer venues such as farmers markets. Learn more about the University of Colorado Farmhouse


From CU Denver to UCCS, the Boots to Suits program provides student veterans opportunities to gain a better understanding of the work environments they will enter following the completion of their studies. Student veterans are partnered with mentors in the community who have achieved a degree of success and can provide guidance to students interested in a variety of career fields. This program provides students with hands-on career preparation, networking opportunities, and help with reintegration into the workforce.

Learn more about the Boots to Suits program at the University of Colorado Denver Campus.  

Learn more about the Boots to Suits program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Campus.


Changing Lives


The groundbreaking research that is being done by Dr. Huntington Potter and his team at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is changing lives. Their ultimate goal is to find a cure and make the future brighter.

They are dedicated to providing the best available care now for patients with memory/neurodegenerative disorders, especially Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, they are pushing the forefront of innovation, with the goal of developing effective early diagnostics, biomarkers, preventions, treatments, and, ultimately, cures for these devastating diseases. With a dedicated group of clinicians, clinical and laboratory researchers, and support staff they approach their work as teammates focused on a common goal. The contributions of patients, participant volunteers, family members, caregivers, donors, and the broader community all play an essential role as they strive to achieve their goals. Learn more about the work being done at the University of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center.


The University of Colorado Cancer Center is Colorado's only National Cancer Institute-designated consortium comprehensive cancer center. Its mission is to discover, develop and deliver breakthroughs in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention that improve cancer care locally, nationally and globally. At the same time, they aim to transform cancer research and practice in the state of Colorado by creating an integrated interdisciplinary nexus of clinicians and scientists across our statewide consortium that can leverage, synergize, marshal and focus resources and expertise to discover new ways to prevent and treat cancer. Learn more about the research happening at the University of Colorado’s Cancer Research Center.