System Administration Human Resources has established additional guidelines for Search Waivers. While a full search is always recommended, there are instances when you might need to hire someone outside the regular recruitment process. We are calling these situations a  direct appointment or search waiver. 

Direct Appointment: The two situations outlined below may qualify as a reason to directly appoint a candidate to a position and may not require a search waiver.

1. Qualified candidate is available from a previous search within the past six months. Job descriptions must be similar. Please indicate the previous search's Job Posting/Requisition Number when submitting the Budget/Position form.

2. Promotion, reclassification, transfer, or rehire (within one year of separation) of a current or former University of Colorado employee.

If a candidate falls into one of the two reasons above, indicate the qualifying reason for a direct appointment in the comments section of the Budget/Position form . To view the memorandum about this change, click here.

Search Waiver: If one of these appointment reasons does not adequately capture the need to hire someone without a recruitment, a Search Waiver form must be approved by the Vice President of Administration, Kathy Nesbitt

Please contact for any questions regarding search waivers or direct appointments. Please note, this only applies to positions at System Administration.