Determine the Process Discuss and circulate proposal Feedback from stakeholders on memo. October 2016
Regents discuss and approve proposal Vote at November Board Meeting. November 2016
Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss timeline for vision statement development Approval of detailed timeline and plan for moving forward with creating the vision. November 2016
Build the Vision Strategic Planning Committee meeting Approve outline of stakeholder key questions and schedule for discussions with campus and system stakeholders. December 2016
Campus and key stakeholder discussions Two-page executive summary of the themes and feedback received from each stakeholder discussion. February-March 2017
Collate summaries and refine the plan Collate all information received from the stakeholder discussions and develop a strategic vision on the basis of the input that is received. March-April 2017
Stakeholder Feedback Final phase of discussion concerning the strategic vision will involve campus and system feedback. April-May 2017
Create the final Strategic Vision Framework After receiving feedback from various stakeholder groups, the Strategic Planning committee will assemble the final version of the strategic vision and make it available for Regent and stakeholder review and final comment. June 2017
Completed Vision Presentation of Strategic Vision Regents will review and vote on final strategic vision at July Board of Regents retreat. July 2017
Share the Vision Communicate the Strategic Vision Framework Regents and University Leadership will work to share the vision framework and use it as a key tool to further CU toward educational excellence. Post Retreat