Approved by Student Data Management Group (SDMG) August 9, 2019


Security Levels

Types of Data Elements Level 1 (Public) Level 2 (Confidential) Level 3 (Confidential) Level 4 (Highly Confidential) Level 5 (Highly Confidential)
Directory information X        
All non-directory data not listed and Work Study Information, Gender Identity, Sex, Pronouns, Birthdate, Dorm, Emergency Info, Student ID, UUID, Residency   X      
Military Status, Veteran’s Status, GPA, Probation, Suspension, COF, Service Indicators, Address, Phone Number     X    
Disability, Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship, Legal Presence, Visas, Religion       X  

SSN, NID, Financial Aid (except work study), Loan and Bank Account Numbers, Health Information, Sexual Orientation

See Standards for Data classification and System Security Categorization for more information about data classifications.