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ABOUT THIS VISUALIZATION: This data visualization summarizes enrolled courses delivered online, with filters by campus and enrollment funding type. Both student headcount and student credit hours are summarized by campus, degree level, race/ethnicity, and discipline (aggregated CIP Code groups). Courses may be offered from main campus or Extended Studies programs and data does not include Non-Credit or Independent Study courses. This data visualization was created by the CU System Institutional Research. Additional details are provided within the visualization.

Headcount = Number of students taking at least one online course
Exclusive Headcount = Number of students enrolled only in online courses
Course Enrollments = Number of courses enrolled by students (student may take multiple courses per term)
Student Credit Hours = Course hours x Course Enrollment
Courses Offered = Number of online courses offered by campus

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Data source: Compiled by University of Colorado System Office, Office of Institutional Research.

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