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ABOUT THIS VISUALIZATION: This data visualization summarizes enrolled courses delivered online, with filters by campus and enrollment funding type. Both student headcount and student credit hours are summarized by campus, degree level, race/ethnicity, and discipline (aggregated CIP Code groups). Courses may be offered from main campus or Extended Studies programs and data does not include Non-Credit or Independent Study courses. This data visualization was created by the CU System Institutional Research. Additional details are provided within the visualization.

"100% Online" Headcount = Number of students enrolled only in online courses (also known as "Exclusively Online")
"Multimodal" Headcount = Number of students taking both online and non-online courses (also known as "Some Online")
"Enrolled in at least one online course" Headcount = Includes any students taking an online course (includes 100% Online and Multimodal students)
Course Enrollments = Number of courses enrolled by students (student may take multiple courses per term)
Student Credit Hours = Course hours x Course Enrollment

In spring 2023, CU Data Governance working group revised the definition of online courses that has been used here, replacing previously published online enrollment. See notes within visualization for more details.

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