May 2, 2019

CU Regents Name 23rd President

Members of the University of Colorado Community,

Today a majority on the University of Colorado Board of Regents voted to confirm Mark Kennedy as CU’s 23rd president. We believe his skills and experience in business, government and academia will serve him well in his new role, and we look forward to his leadership.

We ask that you join us in working with him to help CU reach its fullest potential. By working together, the Board of Regents, Mr. Kennedy, our students, faculty and staff, and all who care for the university can continue to provide opportunities, improve our communities and world, and transform lives. 

The past weeks have been challenging for some in the CU community. The Board of Regents understands and appreciates the concerns that people inside and outside the university have expressed, and we take those seriously. We will have ongoing conversations with him about addressing those concerns.

Mark Kennedy shared in open forums and meetings with key campus groups, as well as in his conversations with the board, that he will spend his first few months learning about the university, listening to its constituents and engaging key stakeholders. It is in our collective best interests that Mr. Kennedy succeed, so we thank you in advance for your part in that effort. He has pledged a collaborative approach that welcomes all voices, respects academic freedom and fosters an environment of inclusiveness and respect. You can read his statement or watch a video of him at

We welcome Mark Kennedy and look forward to working together with him. With your help, the University of Colorado will continue to provide opportunities for our students, advance knowledge, conduct groundbreaking and life-saving research, and serve our communities.

Thank you for all you do for CU. We look forward to the next chapters in the history of our great university.


Sue Sharkey, Chair
Jack Kroll, Vice Chair
University of Colorado Board of Regents