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ABOUT THIS VISUALIZATION: Based on IPEDS Finance Survey data, this visualization allows for comparing institutional finances of CU campuses to multiple peer groups. These data include student full-time equivalent (FTE), revenue and expenditures. For revenue, users can compare state funding, tuition revenue, research, and total operating revenue per student FTE. For expenditures, users can compare NACUBO expense categories including Instruction, Research, Student Services, Institutional Support, and other categories. This data visualization was created by the CU System Institutional Research. Additional details are provided within the visualization.

DATA NOTES: Revenue data for Colorado institutions have been adjusted from IPEDS source data to more accurately reflect state funding. The College Opportunity Fund (COF), part of how Colorado higher education institutions are funded, is submitted in IPEDS as tuition revenue rather than state funding. Tuition revenue and state funding dollars for Colorado institutions have been adjusted from IPEDS source data to reflect state funding reported in Budget Data Books.

NOTE ON DENVER & ANSCHUTZ: In IPEDS data submissions, Denver and Anschutz are submitted together as one institution. For ease of peer comparisons, data have been separated in this analysis. Finance survey data for Denver and Anschutz have been provided by the campus.

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