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ABOUT THIS VISUALIZATION: Based on IPEDS data, this visualization allows for comparing faculty and staff diversity at CU campuses to multiple peer groups. These data include total faculty & staff, full- and part-time faculty, full-time instructional faculty, and full- and part-time staff by multiple demographic groups. Demographic categories include sex, race/ethnicity, and aggregated groups such as "People of Color" which includes all non-white faculty & staff. This data visualization was created by the CU System Institutional Research. Additional details are provided within the visualization.

NOTE ON DENVER & ANSCHUTZ: In IPEDS data submissions, Denver and Anschutz are submitted together as one institution. For ease of peer comparisons, data have been separated in this analysis. Faculty & staff data for Denver and Anschutz have been provided by the campus.

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Data source: IPEDS and US Census, compiled by University of Colorado System Office, Office of Institutional Research.

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