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ABOUT THIS VISUALIZATION: This data visualization summarizes CU alumni employment and earnings, providing tools to review average and potential earnings, employment in and out of field of study, geographic comparisons, and earnings by campus, major, highest award, and location of employment. This tool includes undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded from fiscal year 1989-90 thru 2021-22. This data visualization was created by the CU System Institutional Research. Additional details are provided below and within the visualization.

ABOUT ALUMNI OUTCOMES: To better understand the post-graduation activities of CU alumni, the CU System Institutional Research partnered with Lightcast Labor Market Analytics to learn about the employment status of alumni. Lightcast uses publicly available information and labor market analytics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to create an employment profile of alumni, including industry, occupation, employer information, geographic region of most recent employment and estimated current and potential salary information based on region.

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