The President of the University of Colorado is soliciting nominations from CU faculty for the 2023 President's Teaching Scholars Program (PTSP). The PTSP consists of a group of tenured faculty, from the four CU campuses and from a wide range of disciplines, whose work reflects excellence in teaching, research, and creative works. The lifetime PTSP membership in an active society of scholars and teachers includes collaboration with faculty colleagues and faculty peers in departments, schools, and colleges. Anyone from the CU community can nominate nominees for this designation and commitment. Self-nominations are not accepted.

All tenured faculty members who have been employed at CU for at least five consecutive years are eligible to be nominated. In addition, tenure-eligible faculty members on the Anschutz Medical Campus who hold the rank of professor or associate professor and who have been employed at CU for at least five consecutive years are eligible.

Becoming a President's Teaching Scholar means extending high priority to the program and being engaged in its activities. The Selection Committee evaluates applications based on past achievements and potential engagement in furthering the goals of the PTSP as outlined in its Mission statement.

The deadline for applications is Friday, September 23, 2022, by midnight.

Members of the PTSP are faculty from all campuses chosen not only for their own teaching and excellence in research and creative works, but also for their promise of advancing the mission of the PTSP. In addition to excellence in teaching, the PTSP recognition requires substantial contributions to scholarly work in one's discipline. Designees to the program become part of a participatory and collegial community.

Those designated as President's Teaching Scholars receive an honorarium of $5,000.

Individuals selected will have the following five sets of attributes, evidence for which will be shown in detail in the dossier: Evidence of sustained commitment to teaching and learning and to continuous improvement of teaching, evidence of continuous growth and leadership in their field of study, effective ability to design and redesign courses (including rigorous assessment of learning that involves intellectual challenge), active and effective engagement in advising students and in guiding student research and creative works projects, and responsiveness to and understanding of a diverse student body.

Once designated, new members are expected to join their PTS peers at the annual meetings (retreats, workshops, and roundtables), serving on PTSP committees, and offering leadership on their campus with and for peer faculty.

The Nominee's Dossier:

Dossiers must be submitted using the form listed below by the deadline of Friday, September 23, 2022, by midnight. Letters must be dated 2021 or 2022.

Dossiers must include, in the following order:

  1. Name and Table of Contents (1 page)

  2. Nomination letter (up to 3 pages) should describe the nominee's research and creative works in their discipline, their importance and contribution to the field, and the nominee's accomplishments in achieving and promoting excellence in teaching and learning. Self- nominations are not permitted.

  3. Current CV (not included in the page count).

  4. Five letters of support (up to 2 pages each), with at least two from department faculty members and at least one non-department faculty member from the campus, addressing superb teaching in one's discipline.  Letters from outside CU are encouraged, but not required.

  5. Five letters of support from students about the nominee's teaching (up to 2 pages each). Letters can address all aspects of teaching, including mentoring of graduate students, integration of research, creative works, and teaching, and educational outreach. Letters from students currently enrolled in the nominee’s courses should not be submitted. The ratio of graduate to undergraduate letters should roughly correlate to the nominee’s teaching assignments. Letters should be dated and signed.

  6. Evidence of having received a teaching award at CU or a teaching award from a recognized professional organization in the past six years. This evidence must be an official letter, a copy of an award certificate, or a published notice (up to 2 pages).

  7. Statement (up to 3 pages) describing the nominee’s views of the four core tasks of teaching: course planning and preparation; actual teaching; evaluating student learning and providing feedback; keeping one’s teaching current in pedagogy and content.

  8. Evidence of teaching effectiveness, such as but not limited to the multiple measures of teaching that may be included in annual review and promotion cases (up to 3 pages).

  9. Description of how the nominee’s teaching can be observed and evaluated as part of the selection process (1 page). This can include schedule information for classroom visits or provision for reviewing recorded or online materials from the 2022 Fall semester. A conversation with a member of the Selection Committee is expected as well.

  10. Proposal (up to 2 pages). Nominees are expected to describe how they would plan to contribute to furthering the mission of the PTSP.

Note that the dossier should not exceed 35 pages (excluding CV).

Any nomination package that does not adhere to any of these instructions will be declined without review. A nominee who is not selected can reapply using the same dossier, provided that the letters are not more than two years old.

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