How Does the Board of Regents Hire a President?

The Board of Regents elects the president.

Article 3(B) of the Laws of the Regents specifies that the Board of Regents shall elect the president in accordance with the laws of the State of Colorado.

Colo. Rev. Stat. §23-20-106 states that the regents “shall elect a president of the university.” This statute does not specify the means of the election, but it would constitute a formal action..

Must the Board of Regents Conduct a Search?

Under Colorado law, the Board of Regents is a “state public body.” See Colo. Rev. Stat. §24-6-402(1)(d)(I) .The law anticipates that state public bodies will employ search committees to fill vacancies for chief executive positions.

Colorado’s Open Meetings Act, Colo. Rev. Stat. §24-6-402(3)(d)(3.5), states that “a search committee of a state public body shall establish job search goals, including the writing of the job description, deadlines for applications, requirements for applicants, selection procedures, and the time frame for appointing or employing a chief executive officer of an agency, authority, institution or other entity at an open meeting.”

Similarly, Regent Policy 3(E) states that “search committees are mandated when vacancies occur in the positions of president, vice president, chancellors, vice chancellors, and deans of school, colleges and libraries.”

What is the Composition of the Search Committee?

Beyond the requirement that the board empanel a search committee, Colorado law does not specify the search committee’s composition. Instead, Regent Policy 3(E) specifies the composition of the presidential search committee.

The composition of the committee is:

  • Two regents – The board elects two regents, one of whom serves as chair of the search committee and the other who serves as vice chair. The regents elected to the committee shall not be members of the same political party, and only the Chair of the Board of Regents is ineligible to serve as the search committee chair
  • One dean of a school, college or library
  • Four faculty who are members of the Faculty Senate (please note that many faculty are members of the Faculty Senate, as defined by the Faculty Senate Constitution). Of these four faculty, one must represent each of the four campuses
  • One student
  • One staff member
  • Two alumnus
  • Four community members

How Does the Board of Regents Appoint Search Committee Members?

Regent Policy 3(E) states that the “Board of Regents shall appoint the search committee members.” Because this is a formal action by the board, it must vote in public session to form the search committee.

The Open Records Act also allows the Board of Regents to use a secret ballot to elect a search committee. Colo. Rev. Stat. §24-6-402(2)(d)(IV). A secret ballot is a “vote cast in such a way that the identity of the person voting or the position taken in such vote is withheld from the public.”

How Does the Board of Regents Charge the Search Committee?

Regent Policy 3(E) states that the Board of Regents shall provide a charge to the search committee. Consistent with the requirements of Regent Policy 3(E), the charge should include:

  • The scope of the search and the methods for soliciting nominations
  • Any affirmative action requirements
  • Target dates for completing each stage of the search process
  • The number of candidates
  • The arrangements for campus visits
  • The provisions by which the committee will handle communications regarding the search and the evaluation of candidates
  • The procedure for the search committee to follow to make use of the services of a professional consultant or search firm

What is the Role of a Search Committee Chair?

Regent Policy 3(E) states that “the primary responsibility of the chair shall be to ensure that the best qualified candidates are considered.” Beyond that responsibility, however, the policy also anticipates that the primary function of the chair are to:

  • Guide the search committee in developing and implementing the search plan
  • Oversee the timely and professional operation of the committee
  • Guarantee an opportunity for all qualified candidates to receive committee consideration

How Do People Apply to Be Part of the Search Committee?

The Board of Regents will issue a call for nominations to the search committee. Regent Policy 3(E) defines the mechanism for the Board of Regents to solicit nominations from specific groups, but the policy would allow the board to consider nominations from any source, and the board will establish a website for nominations. Nominations must be submitted by Oct. 8, 2018 at 5 p.m.

When and where will the Search Committee Meetings take place?

Most meetings will be at 1800 Grant Street, Denver (map) on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. A detailed schedule will be published when the Board of Regents identify our search firm partner.